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Ask funds and companies you own to oppose Trump's agenda on any policy issue you care about. Below, we've listed the opportunities we find most compelling for shareholders to focus on now. You can bring these shareholder tactics to your local organizations.

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Paris Climate Agreement

Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, but businesses can step up and commit to the Agreement on their own. You can ask all your companies to join the WeAreStillIn Coalition, uniting states, cities, universities, and corporations to comply with the Agreement. Pension and mutual funds can both join the Coalition and ask their companies to join.

Let's get companies to commit, one by one, to the Paris Agreement, showing that we don't need Trump to protect our future from dangerous climate change.

Example: Pension and Mutual Fund Managers

Since the entire economy will be damaged by climate change and funds like BlackRock are invested in all sectors of economy it makes sense for these funds to support climate action. Supporting the Paris Agreement is also in line with Blackrock's statement in opposition to Trump's withdrawal, where  CEO Larry Fink stated that the Paris Agreement is "a critical step forward in addressing climate change". Ask BlackRock to join the WeAreStillIn Coalition.

BlackRock shareholders call Investor Relations: (212) 810-5300

BlackRock fund owners call Client Services: iShares (800) 474-2737, Mutual funds (800) 441-7762

Examples: Companies

General Mills supported the U.S. remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement. Tell the company that it should join its peers like Nestle and Danone in committing to climate action by joining the WeAreStillIn Coalition.

General Mills Investor Relations: (763) 764-3202

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt tweeted "Disappointed with today’s decision on the Paris Agreement. Climate change is real. Industry must now lead and not depend on government." He's absolutely right that industry must lead, and should make sure General Electric is part of that leadership by joining the WeAreStillIn Coalition.

General Electric Investor Relations: (617) 443-3400, Matthew Cribbins

Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger quit Trump's Advisory Business Council after the Paris Agreement withdrawal. However, Walt Disney has not joined the WeAreStillIn Coalition. Thank Walt Disney for Iger's response, and ask the company to take tangible action as well by joining the Coalition.

Walt Disney Investor Relations: (855) 553-4763

Utility companies can play a big part in shifting our energy mix towards renewables. Utility companies with the best renewable energy mixes should benefit from commitment to the Paris Agreement. Ask Xcel Energy and Berkshire Hathaway, two large utility companies with significant renewable energy commitment, to join peers like Edison International and PG&E in the WeAreStillIn Coalition.

Xcel Energy Investor Relations: (612) 215-4535, Paul Johnson.  You can note that Xcel Energy is based in Minnesota, which is committed to upholding the Paris Agreement.  

Berkshire Hathaway Corporate Offices: (402) 346-1400.  You can also note that as a major insurance company, Berkshire Hathaway will be negatively impacted by the physical effects of climate change too. As rising sea levels increase the intensity of property-damaging storms and droughts damage insured crops, Berkshire Hathaway will pay out more and more to its policy holders.

Breitbart Advertisement

The racist, sexist, and hateful website has lost advertisement from over 1000 companies thanks to campaigns like Sleeping Giants. Civilians and customers are petitioning Amazon on its ads and its business relationship with Trump. Over 500 Amazon employees have also pressured the company to pull advertisements from

Ask Amazon to stop advertising on, which puts the company's reputation at risk. Amazon would demonstrate that it does not support the lies and hate speech regularly published on website. 

Amazon Investor Relations: (206) 266-2171, Rob Eldridge

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