Sam called Amazon

Sam - Hello, I'm an Amazon shareholder and I'm concerned that Amazon continues to advertise on As a shareholder, I don't want to be supporting hateful content. I also am worried about the potential impacts on Amazon's ability to attract top employees, who want to work for a company whose values align with their own. Many customers also don't want to buy from a company that supports hateful content.

Amazon - Thank you for your comments, Sam. We always appreciate hearing from our shareholders, and I'll pass your concerns along.

Sam - Thanks! I'd like you to follow up with me after you relay my concerns.  Please call or email me at XYZ.

Alex called BlackRock

Alex - Hello, I'm a Blackrock client and shareholder and I am calling because BlackRock is not a part of the WeAreStillIn coalition of companies committed to acting in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement. Supporting the Agreement seems in line with Blackrock's statement in opposition to Trump's withdrawal, where  CEO Larry Fink stated that the Paris Agreement is "a critical step forward in addressing climate change".  In light of this, why have you not joined the coalition? 

I also think you should encourage the companies in your portfolio to abide by the Paris Agreement. The entire economy will be damaged by climate change. BlackRock is invested in all sectors of economy. So BlackRock should encourage its companies to take climate action for BlackRock to avoid the risks presented by climate change.

BlackRock - We signed a previous  statement showing our commitment to taking climate change seriously, and I'll pass along your feedback to the team.

Alex - Thanks!  I'd like you to follow up with me after you relay my concerns.  Please call or email me at XYZ.