About Us

Our Story

As college students, we used shareholder channels to challenge ExxonMobil on its support of climate denial, and became the first student group to file a shareholder resolution. We learned about the potential to influence companies through our meetings with Exxon, conversations with engagement experts, and discussions with public company CEOs. We were devastated to see Trump oppose our years of hard work, but the heightened political involvement of our allies inspired us to fight back through the underutilized channel of shareholder influence on companies. 

Our Vision

Right now, we're missing out on an opportunity to improve the world by exercising our influence over companies. United as Citizens, we will use our influence over corporations to protect the people and country that we love.

Who We Are

Gabe Rissman

Gabe graduated from Yale in December 2016 with a degree in Physics. As a student, he worked on fossil fuel divestment, socially responsible investment, and renewable energy advocacy.

Russell Heller

Russell is a Junior at Yale, pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies. He is a co-chair of the undergraduate-run Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund, where he leads shareholder engagement efforts. Russell happens to live in a Deep Blue District and has been consistently disappointed by his inability to influence congress because his elected officials already represent a majority his beliefs.