United As Citizens

Because United as Citizens, we can outsmart Citizens United to resist the Trump Agenda

Our Strategy

Companies Influence Trump

Citizens United gave corporations power over policy. Corporations have increased power under Trump. He has CEOs in his Cabinet and Business Advisory Council, and invites companies to the White House for policy input. 

We Influence Companies

Most Americans are shareholders of companies through retirement funds or brokerage accounts. As a shareholder, you have power to influence companies. We can use that power to resist the Trump Agenda, using Citizens United for good.

We Add The Shareholder Voice

Influence your companies just like you influence your members of Congress! We'll give you the shareholder tactics that you can bring to your local organizations. And we help you find where the shareholder voice can make a difference, especially in existing campaigns.

Live in a Deep Blue or Deep Red District and feel as though calling your congressional representatives might not make much of a difference? United As Citizens is right for you. Now, even when your Members of Congress won't listen or you're satisfied with how they represent you, you can still use your voice to resist the Trump Agenda.

Call To Action

1. Pick an issue you care about

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2. Make a call

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3. Learn more

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Your Path To Impact


Speak to Investor Relations about how the company can publicly oppose Trump policies.


Ask your pension or mutual fund to ask the companies in the fund to oppose Trump policies on your behalf. Funds can also make public statements directly.